Securo partners with Transak to enable users to buy crypto using fiat currency.
2 min readNov 7, 2022

Securo is excited to announce a tech partnership with Transak. Securo and Transak will work together to help users to use fiat currency to buy & sell cryptocurrency.

Transak is a developer integration toolkit to let users buy/sell crypto in any app, website or web plugin. Transak service enables users to buy or sell crypto directly from the partners app. Transak fiat On/Off Ramp service is already available across 130+ cryptocurrencies on 75+ blockchains via cards, bank transfers and other payment methods in 125+ countries.

As part of the partnership, Securo will support fiat-to-crypto on-ramps service by integrating Transak into Securo all-in-1 API solution. Furthermore, Securo & Transak will contribute to the DeFi ecosystem so that more investors can buy & sell crypto using fiat currency in many more countries than ever. Transak will work together with Securo to onboard more users to DeFi.

Together with Transak, Securo believes that the many users from 125+ countries can now enjoy DeFi, through this on-ramps service. Since the seamless and easier user experience is crucial to mass adoption in DeFi, both parties are excited to collaborate more in the future.

Stay tuned for more exciting news about Securo integrations and collaborations!

About Transak

Transak is a leading Web3 onboarding infrastructure provider. Its API-driven solutions enable web3 platforms to onboard users to 130+ crypto assets from 125+ countries, abstracting away the complexity of user KYC, risk monitoring & compliance, payment methods and customer support. Transak’s On-Ramp widget can be integrated into an app in just a few lines of code. For more information, visit

About Securo

Securo is a DeFi infrastructure protocol for developers, fintech, neo-banks, and traditional finance to build, manage and invest in DeFi with all-in-1 API integration. Securo’s API integrates multiple L1/L2 blockchain networks, reputable protocols, 3rd party dapps, web3 wallet, fiat-to-crypto payment, and more. Securo aims to build innovative and easy-to-use web3 infrastructure and solutions that prioritize accessibility, transparency, and best-in-class products.

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