Securo partners with APAC DAO to onboard web2 builders to web3
2 min readJan 13, 2023

Securo is excited to announce a strategic partnership with APAC DAO. Securo and APAC DAO will work together to efficiently onboard web2 builders and founders to the web3 DeFi space.

APAC DAO, known as Asia-Pacific Decentralized Autonomous Organization, is a company composed of entrepreneurs, investors, and influencers supporting startups and businesses to accelerate their growth. APAC DAO has been supporting various projects to thrive organically and sustainably.

As part of the partnership, Securo will support bringing web2 builders and founders to grow in web3 utilizing Securo's all-in-1 API solution. Furthermore, Securo & APAC DAO will co-create hands-on educational webinars to educate builders with specific use cases on DeFi. With a proven track record of hosting 10+ successful events worldwide, APAC DAO will expand its education to DeFi and support organizing online & offline opportunities.

With APAC DAO, Securo believes the APAC-focused Web3 community can grow bigger with best-in-class education. Furthermore, both parties can contribute to supporting developers & founders in building products on DeFi, creating real use cases in web3.

Stay tuned for more exciting news about Securo integrations and collaborations!


APAC DAO is an APAC-centric web3 and blockchain initiative by the community and for the community powered by 1K+ members from 200+ projects in 15+ countries. Our key mandates are Meetups & Webinars — Talent Matching — Decentralized Launchpad support.

About Securo

Securo is a DeFi infrastructure protocol for developers, fintech, traders, and investors to build, manage and invest in DeFi with all-in-1 API integration. Securo’s API supports on-chain access to multiple L1/L2 blockchain networks, reputable protocols, 3rd party dapps, web3 wallet, fiat-to-crypto payment, and more.

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