November 2022 (2) | Securo Finance Project Update
3 min readDec 5, 2022


Hello, web3 devs!

How are you doing with saying goodbye to November and preparing for the last month of 2022? Hope you have been staying strong, keeping building, learning web3, and growing with Securo API!

Let’s go ahead and dive into November bi-weekly update Part 2.


  1. Product and Technology update: Revamp UI design / Developer Portal / Developer tools and more
  2. Marketing update: Build & Win $250 with SparkLearn / BNB Chain Pitch Day in NY

Product and Technology update


  • Revamp Design for UI — Investment Portal & Developer Portal.
    - Clearer UI/UX in the app.
    - New account page.
  • Developer Portal is launched.
    - Dashboard: show overview statistics of user growth.
    - Business Details: customize the business logo and business name who can be displayed in the transaction session webview (DeX Swap and Index Funds).
    - Transactions: show transaction history and relevant details.
    - Customer: allow developers to create their own customer account.
    - Reporting: show the user activities.
  • Developer tools are revamped.
    - API logging: show the API log details.
    - Webhook events: show the webhook details.
  • Added Customer Account creation through a developer account in REST API for better control of your own customers with transaction tracking.
  • Added new blockchain support (Optimism) for the token swap

Our Next Milestones:

  • Add Social Login supported for Google, Facebook, Twitter, and GitHub
  • MakerDAO integration
  • Liquidity Provider in multi-chain

Marketing update

Build & Win $250 with SparkLearn & Securo

Securo’s first campaign has launched in the SparkLearn community!

In the mission of educating web2&web3 developers with Securo API, Securo and SparkLearn have initiated this campaign. All you have to do is:

  • Sign up at
  • Play around with Securo API
  • Write an article on Medium & share it on Twitter

Easy peasy!

Read the full announcement here and make sure you sign up to to win!

BNB Chain Innovation Pitch Day

Securo has been selected to present at the on-stage pitch session!

BNB Chain Innovation Pitch Day was made to pitch your project, meet investors, and accelerate your path to success. It is an amazing opportunity and great honor for Securo to be able to pitch our all-in-1 DeFi infrastructure API to the web3 world and like-minded people.

If you are in New York this week, make sure to share this Pitch Day and meet Victor afterwards!

About this event
Are you a talented innovator with a start-up who has an idea for the decentralized future? Enter our pitch event, meet investors and accelerate your path to success. BNB Chain Pitch Day is coming to New York this December. We are committed to connecting the best entrepreneurs in the Web3 world with the best investors. Keep an eye out for more details, and register now to lock in your seat!

You will get:
- A chance to present directly before our invest arms as well as our top VC partners
- Access to our series of funding schemes — BNB Chain Builder Grant, BNB Chain MVB Program
- Expert Tokenomics Consultations
- Support from BNB Chain ecosystem

We’re actively connecting with individual or community partners to create use cases for DeFi API and give us honest feedback — good or bad! After all, we’re all in here together for the decentralized future!

If you want to try the Securo API, make sure to sign up at

In touch with Sarah / Soon Lai to ask about Securo API

Sarah Email | Telegram | Soon Lai Email | Telegram

In touch with Victor to meet in New York

Victor at Email | Telegram

With ❤,
Team Securo



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