November 2022 (1) | Securo Project Update
3 min readNov 19, 2022


Hello Web3 devs!

A lot has happened since our last update — good or bad — but #buidl goes on. We have released a couple announcements in November ahead of this update, but we’d like to share a comprehensive update on what Securo has been doing.

Let’s dive into November bi-weekly update Part 1.


  1. Product and Technology update: Launching / DEX token swap / Fiat-to-crypto on-ramps / MakerDAO integration and more
  2. Marketing update: Hedera Base Camp / Developer-friendly API documentation / 10 web3 devs to #LearnWeb3 with Securo

Product and Technology update


  • Launching Securo has started as and now we’re relaunching as!
  • Clearer UI/UX in both landing page and the app.
  • Developer Portal with a developer-friendly dashboard & Investment Portal specifically for investment into Securo DeFi index funds.
  • Web3-API-as-a-Service:
    - DEX integration on L1 networks (Ethereum, BNB, Polygon, Avalanche), and L2 networks (Arbitrum) is fully developed.
    - Fiat-to-crypto on-ramp: Transak on-ramp service is now fully integrated in Securo API.
    - MakerDAO integration in the testing. With this features, you can use Borrowing and Lending features from MakerDAO ecosystem with Securo API.
  • Notification function: You can use Slack, Telegram, and Email for a notification by integrating Securo API

Our next milestones:

  • Improvement on Developer Portal
  • Revamp on new Securo Dashboard design
  • Social Login support in Securo API

Marketing update

1. Hedera Base Camp Q4 Cohort

As many of you already know, Securo has been selected in the Hedera Team Base Camp acceleration program, by Outlier Ventures. We’ve been closely working with both Outlier Ventures, Hedera, and The HBAR Foundation, to mold Securo in the best way possible.

2. Developer-friendly API documentation

As is relaunched, Securo team has been working hard to update our API documentation. Now, you can go to for getting yourself started as a web3 developer with Securo API. Then if you want to play around with Securo API, you can directly visit, and get the juicy recipe to build on DeFi.

If you are not sure what to try in Securo, you can start by these 3 features:

  • Multi-chain Swap: This feature enables you to swap tokens in 5 different decentralized exchanges in 5 different blockchain networks. With optional gas-less transaction, powered with Biconomy.
  • Fiat-to-crypto on-ramps: You can now integrate the functions for your users to buy cryptocurrency with fiat currency using REST API, powered by Transak.
  • Invest into DeFi index funds: This is a full suite to experience DeFi investment. You can deploy funds to DeFi index funds, directly integrating various liquidity pools on-chain.

3. Looking for 10 web3 devs to #LearnWeb3 with Securo

Now that is up and running, we’re looking for fellow web3 developers to learn #web3 with Securo API. And yes, you can also be web2 developers who want to transform yourself to be web3!

If you are interested in building your project on DeFi, and think Securo API is going to help your development, please fill out this form.

Once you are selected to learn web3 with Securo, you will get different benefits! So join us & let’s #buidl together!

We’re actively connecting with individual or community partners to create use-cases for DeFi API and give us honest feedback — good or bad! After all, we’re all in here together for the decentralized future!

If you want to try the Securo API, make sure to sign up at

In touch with Sarah / Soon Lai to ask about Securo API

Sarah Email | Telegram | Soon Lai Email | Telegram

In touch with Victor to meet in New York

Victor at Email | Telegram

With ❤,

Team Securo



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