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We started Securo because we understood that DeFi is more than just yield farming, buying Dogecoin or aping into newly launched tokens, but a technology “web3” that would disrupt the world of finance the same way that the internet changed society, business and the world, 2 decades ago.

But the infrastructure that enables decentralized finance is nascent. We understood this acutely for building DeFi for the last 18 months and came to the “a-ha” moment after asking customers and ourselves the simplest question, “why is it so difficult and costly to build a scalable DeFi startup?”. The answer is right in front of us and smack us in the face. It is because there aren’t many great solutions or infrastructure with comprehensive dev tools that exist today.

Securo is building an all-in-1 API for DeFi infrastructure “Stripe for DeFi”.

We believe the future of finance will be powered by blockchain technologies and building the infrastructure that enables this would enable millions more new fintechs and traditional finance to adapt to DeFi. Thus, our focus is to build innovative and easy-to-use web3 infrastructure and solutions that prioritizes accessibility, transparency, and best-in-class products.

Backed by Techstars Web3, Outlier Ventures and Alphabit, Securo team has a proven track record in building and running tech products and business; ex-Google, Standard Chartered Bank and more.

While our first MVP was launched on mainnet and production with success recently, Securo felt a strong need and demand from the web2-web3 developer community. In the last 2 months, after signing up hundreds of developers through partnerships with the builders community, we have decided to pivot Securo to be developer-focused.


Now with, Securo is able to transform itself with:

  1. clearer UI/UX dashboard design with better tech documentations suited for developer’s needs.
  2. Focused on developers’ workflow; ie sandbox environment with testnet support for several blockchain networks
  3. fully dedicated to build all-in-1 API with DeFi use-cases; cross-chain swap, liquidity management, on-off fiat-crypto solution, staking*, borrow&lend* and more!

No matter if you are a web2 developer, or a web3 developer, you can build, invest, and manage DeFi products using Securo’s all-in-1 REST API. We are a non-custodial protocol and a technology infrastructure platform with API integration.

Key Features

Brief introduction to the API solution powered by Securo:

Get Started

4 steps for you to get started with Securo All-in-1 API:

Sign up for free

Set up your API key

Set up your Sandbox, Webhook

Start building your DeFi product with Securo API

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API documentation

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