Come Build with Us — Request For Builders (RFB)
2 min readJan 19, 2023


Come Build with Us!

We are excited to announce Request For Builder (RFB), part of Securo’s Grant Initiative.

Securo, a DeFi Middleware, has been building API for DeFi. As an infrastructural tool in web3, Securo has been pursuing a big mission: helping the enabler, the aspiring developers, to build the next-gen dapps on DeFi.

Summoning all the do-ers in web3, the Request For Builders (RFB) program is for developers who aspire to build web3 and DeFi. Securo’s RFB essentially creates actual use cases for Securo API and pushes builders to launch their products faster but more realistically. The candidates for RFB will get a chance to build a working web app with the technical & financial support of the Securo team.

Who are we looking for those…

  • Who are experienced in building dapps
  • Who are passionate about web3, especially DeFi
  • Who have a great idea for a web app and want to launch in an efficient way

Securo hopes this RFB initiative can encourage new builders to DeFi, start building working products, and enrich the DeFi ecosystem. As it is getting harder to create a product, not to mention the launch, Securo is here to help passionate web3 developers with an execution-focused mindset.

If you are interested, fill out this form.

Here are some ideas for your inspiration

  • DeFi web-app to swap tokens (Swap) functionality
  • DeFi web-app to add liquidity (Earn) functionality
  • DeFi web-app with DeFi index fund investment strategy (Invest)
  • DeFi liquidity provider tool to analyze volatility or impermanent loss (IL)
  • DeFi web-app with fiat-to-crypto on-ramps payment
  • DeFi portfolio tracking tool with Swap, Earn or Invest API
  • Real-time dashboard with price charts and trading history on DEXes
  • DeFi web-app with AMM APY% comparison
  • DeFi smart trade dashboard with copy-trades
  • Chrome extension for real-time alerts for price changes on DEXes

Once you apply, our team will contact you for further details and steps. *Terms and Conditions apply

We will be waiting for your brilliant ideas!

Announcing with ❤,

Team Securo



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