Build & Win $50 for your #DeFi project with Securo x SparkLearn
3 min readNov 28, 2022


Hello, Web3 devs!

Are you looking for somewhere to start building your DeFi project?
Feeling not enough material to learn web3 by yourself?
Wanna know how to reduce cost & time for your web3 development?

Here we are with SparkLearn EdTech to boost your web3 building journey!

Build your DeFi project with Securo API & SparkLearn ET, and win $50 for learning web3 with us!

As you may have already seen on our Twitter, Securo, and SparkLearn joined forces to help web3 devs like you build amazing projects.

Use Securo API to fast-forward your building, reduce costs, and get a chance to win $50 for your project too!

How does it work?

  1. When: The submission starts at 9am UTC on Nov 28, and closes at 9am UTC on Dec 7
  2. What: Use Securo API for your DeFi project & Share your experience with your fellow developers on Medium & Twitter
  3. Who: Any web3 developers
    (yes, you can be a beginner in web3 development, too!)
  4. Why: Securo API is here to help your web3 development as easy as possible, Securo API is designed to optimize your development process by reducing time & cost.

How to participate?

1. Sign up for Securo at

2. Use Securo API. Here are some examples you can use Securo API with:

-Multi-chain token swap, gas-less (powered by Biconomy)
-Fiat-to-crypto on-ramps (powered by Transak)
-Deploy funds into DeFi index funds; on-chain, non-custodial

3. Create an article on Medium sharing your experience!

-Use Medium for writing down your experience with Securo API & your project
-Make sure to include screenshots of your building using Securo API
-Add your feedback & suggestions! Make it fun!
-Share the post on Twitter & tag @securo_dev @SparkLearnET

4. Fill out this submission form:

5. That’s it!


  • What if I don’t have any DeFi projects yet?

No problem! This experience will be your first project! Securo API contains the most basic features that you need to start building your DeFi project. Let us know what your experience is and what your future ideas are. We would love to hear from you.

  • Where can I get tutorials for using Securo API?

We have youtube videos for the tutorials. Or you can simply go to our gitbook for a step-by-step guide. Of course, you can start right away from Readme.

  • Can I contact you to get help using Securo API?

YES! Our DMs are open on Twitter or you can write us through email at

  • Is a medium article, or tweet mandatory for earning $50?

We appreciate the details of what your experience was like. If there are more developers getting help on their web3 development through your articles, and tweets, that’s what we want! So please make sure to post.

  • Where can I share my feedback?

You can write us through email at or you can leave your feedback in the submission form.


Now you’re one step closer to being a professional web3 developer. You can use Securo API to do a lot of useful things

  • Getting non-crypto investors to use your DeFi product;
  • Interacting with decentralized exchanges on EVM chains;
  • Building an advanced DeFi product, such as index funds.

Looking forward to seeing your growth through this campaign!

Have fun, and keep it web3!

With ❤,
Team Securo



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