August 2022 (2) | Securo Finance Project Update

August was a fruitful month, spending time on building. Securo is pleased to update what we have been doing. Here’s a biweekly update wrapping up August.


  1. Launchhouse Demo Day was a success!
  2. Development update
  3. PoC customer partnership with ModeApp

Launchhouse Demo Day was a success!

The Demo Day at the Launch House NYC on 11 Aug was a success! The days at the Launchhouse were truly a blessing for Securo, meeting so many talented people in the DeFi space, inspired by each other. The Demo Day was the day that Secruo shouted out to the world again that we are building “Stripe for DeFi”

Our CEO, Victor shared Securo’s vision in solving the complexity in DeFi. Securo’s DeFi Infrastructure API will enable more people to adopt DeFi more easily, making DeFi more accessible than ever.

You can watch the heat of the Demo Day from here: DEMOS and DRINKS

Development update

As the Launch House Demo Day wrapped up, back at the office, our team has been building and building and building. Everyone will agree that this is time to build. Only then, we’ll be ready for the ride!

Here’s the progress we have made in August, building Securo.

  • Business Account Opening complete.
  • KYB integration in the Dashboard complete.
  • Mobile responsive UI in the Dashboard complete.
  • My Account Page, and Transaction History complete.
  • HubSpot integration on user registration complete.

Here’s some milestones we are working on moving forward.

  • Testing Sandbox Environment.
  • Staking Index Fund integration.
  • EOA wallet interaction for existing index fund strategies.
  • Non-custodial integration on existing transactions.

You can always check our roadmap and milestones here, too:

PoC customer partnership with ModeApp

One of the big milestones we have in August: Partnership with ModeApp. Securo is very proud to announce that Securo and ModeApp will be cooperating with PoC customer acquisition.

Mode is an app where users can buy, earn & grow Bitcoin. Mode was created with a vision to help accelerate the world’s transition to a digital financial system combining the best of payments, investment, loyalty, and digital assets.

Securo Finance is excited to work together with Mode to bring mass adoption to DeFi. Victor Lee, CEO of Securo Finance mentioned, “Securo is partnering with ModeApp, a FCA registered company, for the PoC partnership to further accelerate adoption of decentralized finance to the masses”.

Securo is looking forward to sharing more news like this, making DeFi more accessible to developers, enterprises who are interested in innovating finance.

Don’t forget to sign up to Securo,

  • If you are struggling with DeFi adoption in your service,
  • If you are DeFi lovers, and bridging TradFi and DeFi,
  • If you are building a killer fintech app, but don’t have time.

We’d love to hear from you and help build what you are dreaming.

With ❤,

Team Securo



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